Will Smith Could Star in Disney's New Live-Action Dumbo

Will Smith Could Star in Disney's New Live-Action Dumbo

Hollywood veteran Will Smith could star in Tim Burton’s new live-action Dumbo movie. Deadline reports today that the Independence Day and Fresh Prince star is “circling” with Disney to star in the movie, which is an adaption of the 1941 classic.

“The studio is moving aggressively toward a production start with a script by Ehren Kruger about the big-eared, lovable elephant,” Deadline reported.

According to another Hollywood news site, Variety, the deal to bring Smith to Dumbo is “far from closed.” If Smith were to sign on for the movie, it would have a “significant effect” on the new Bad Boys movie, Bad Boys for Life. According to Variety, the movies would shoot at the same time, so if Smith chose Dumbo, Bad Boys for Life might not film until later or it could be canned.

In Dumbo, Smith could play “the father of the children who develop a friendship with the lovable elephant after seeing him at the circus,” Variety said. Sources added that Disney has offered the role of the villain to Tom Hanks, though it’s unclear if he’s taken the deal.

We’ll report back with more information about the live-action Dumbo movie as it becomes available.

Disney is spinning many of its animated classics into live-action films. The company has already done so with Maleficient, Cinderalla, The Jungle Book, and is also working live-action versions of Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, and Snow White, among others.