Witcher Boss on Microsoft's Cross-Play News: "F**kin' Yeah"

Witcher Boss on Microsoft's Cross-Play News: "F**kin' Yeah"

In March, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney wrote an impassioned, thorough breakdown of Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform, accusing the company of monopolizing PC games development. In his message, he claimed Microsoft was “moving against the entire PC industry,” and specifically named CD Projekt’s GOG.com online store as one property that could be adversely affected. Now, CD Projekt boss Marcin Iwinski has responded.

He told GI.biz that he read Sweeney’s post and understands his argument. But at the same time, Iwinski doesn’t think Sweeney got it all right. Also in the interview, Iwinski talked about Microsoft’s recent cross-play announcement and how he sees that as an example of Microsoft’s progressiveness.

“If you look at Microsoft today and Microsoft ten years ago, it’s a very different company,” he said.

The executive pointed to Microsoft’s decision to do away with some of the Xbox One’s controversial policies in 2013 as one example of something the company might not have done a decade ago.

“In the past, it was very Microsoft-ish to lock down everything, to make sure they had full control,” Iwinski said. “But [new CEO Satya Nadella] is saying, ‘Put all of our apps on all systems.’ I think people should think about that, because if they did [what Sweeney suggests], in my personal opinion it will really backfire big time.”

Iwinski went on to say people should “cut Microsoft some slack” and give them time to back up their claims about the openness of the Universal Windows Platform. “In my opinion, it’s the only way to go for them,” Iwinski said about keeping the Universal Windows Platform open.

He also pointed to another recent Microsoft announcement regarding its invitation for other networks to connect to Xbox Live as an additional example of the company being progressive. “The announcement about cross-play? F**kin’ yeah,” Iwinski said. “Cross-play with other networks? That’s not the Microsoft of ten years ago. No way.”

“And Sony is very fast coming back and saying, ‘Yes, yes, with us it’s okay.’ [Ed Note: Sony’s official response is linked below]. And that’s great. It’s not the battle of who can make a better ghetto any more, but who is better for the gamer. That’s what we’re after. It’s about opening up and competing on who has the better offer.”

You can read the full GI.biz interview here.

After Microsoft publicly invited other networks to connect to Xbox Live, Sony released an indecisive statement that said, “We would be happy to have the conversation with any publishers or developers who are interested in cross-platform play.”

Psyonix’s Rocket League could be the first to support Xbox Live-PlayStation Network cross-play. The technical component is not what’s holding things up; it’s just a matter of politics.