WWE 2K17 Hits PC Today

WWE 2K17 Hits PC Today

WWE 2K17 is out now on PC. As announced previously, This is the same version of the game available on Xbox One and PS4, with two different packages available.

The $50 standard edition comes with the Goldberg pack that lets you play as two different versions of the wrestler and two arenas (Monday Nitro and Halloween Havoc). The $75 Deluxe edition also includes all of that and comes with the season pass.

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You can also pick up the season pass separately for $30. All of the DLC that’s out now on consoles will be available right at launch on PC, with the Hall of Fame Showcase pack still to come.

“We received great feedback from fans and critics that helped us further improve the game’s core gameplay mechanics and expand several popular features, including the Creation Suite, Universe Mode and MyCareer Mode,” Visual Concepts president Greg Thomas said in a statement. “Coupled with last year’s success in bringing the series to PC, we are confident WWE 2K17 will deliver our most authentic and comprehensive WWE gameplay experience to an even broader global audience.”

WWE 2K17 is available for PC on Steam and the 2K Store. Go here to see a full rundown of everything that’s included.

For more on WWE 2K17, check out GameSpot’s review.