X-Men Apocalypse: Watch Professor X Shave His Head While Patrick Stewart Watches

X-Men Apocalypse: Watch Professor X Shave His Head While Patrick Stewart Watches

One of the things you’ll see for the first time in X-Men: Apocalypse is James McAvoy’s bald head. That’s because he’s shaved it for his Professor X role, a character that is normally depicted as being bald. Now, we get to see the moment he shaved it, while the original Professor X actor, Patrick Stewart, watches.

In the video posted by 20th Century Fox, Stewart asks McAvoy if he’s ever shaved his head before. “I have actually, yeah, but this is the first time I’ve done it sober,” replied McAvoy. You can watch the head-shaving in the video below.

“I’m finally understanding what it’s like to be you,” McAvoy said. Stewart replied by saying, “Of course the difference is I looked like that when I was 19.”

McAvoy says that shaving his head felt right.

“It was probably the moment even more than in Days of Future Past, where I felt he was handing the bat on over,” McAvoy said. “Handing the clippers over.”

X-Men: Apocalypse hits theaters in North America on May 27. GameSpot’s review said that it “contains enough action, suspense, heartbreak, and excitement to keep you hooked. The movie juggles a lot of characters, and many don’t get the time to be fully explored or utilized, but the movie never fails to keep you entertained for its entire running time thanks to the action and heart of the protagonists. Apocalypse is a great character in the comics and as a movie villain, the stakes are raised to such a level, you can’t help but wonder how they’ll top this in the next one.”

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