Xbox Boss Talks About Ambition To Preserve Compatibility For A Long Time

Xbox Boss Talks About Ambition To Preserve Compatibility For A Long Time

Microsoft’s Project Scorpio will play Xbox One games and also hundreds of Xbox 360 titles through backwards compatibility. But will the console after Scorpio offer backwards compatibility?

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Someone asked Xbox boss Phil Spencer on Twitter if all future Xbox consoles will have backwards compatibility by default. Spencer didn’t guarantee that they would, but said fans should know that compatibility between devices is an important feature for the company.

“It’s challenging to predict the future, but for me, compatibility is a feature we should preserve as long as possible,” Spencer said.

This response is not a real head-turner, as Spencer has for a long time now talked about the importance of having access to the games you buy on a variety of platforms.

As mentioned, Scorpio will play Xbox One games, and Microsoft claims there will be no Scorpio-exclusive titles, with the exception of virtual reality games. Last year, Microsoft confirmed that Scorpio will play Xbox 360 games through backwards compatibility.

Scorpio launches this holiday. In other news, Microsoft has confirmed that the console will offer VR support after the console’s website removed mention of VR. Spencer shared a progress update on the console this week, saying development is coming along great.

Last summer, Spencer said Microsoft already has ideas for the console that could come after Scorpio.