Xbox Boss Teases E3 Showing — "I Like The Lineup"

Xbox Boss Teases E3 Showing — "I Like The Lineup"

With EA already laying out its plans for E3, the annual trade show is on our minds, five months before it kicks off in June. Now, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has teased the Xbox lineup for E3.

Responding to someone on Twitter who asked if he felt good about the upcoming Xbox lineup, Spencer replied from a meeting about E3. “Yes, in another E3 review right now; I like the lineup,” he said.

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Before this, Spencer teased that 2017 will not be a FPS Halo- or Gears of War-led year, suggesting that no new games in those franchises are coming this year. Instead, Microsoft will focus on “new experiences with different IP.”

2017 is a big hardware year for Xbox, as the Scorpio comes out this holiday. Microsoft may not show it off until E3, but you can probably expect a big reveal for it at that show. Just this week, Microsoft said development on the system is coming along great.

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