Xbox PC Update Adds Unlocked Frame Rate, FreeSync, G-Sync

Xbox PC Update Adds Unlocked Frame Rate, FreeSync, G-Sync

Microsoft will deploy a new Windows 10 PC update later today that adds two new, community-requested features. When the update goes live, it will add an unlocked frame rate option for Universal Windows Platform games and apps, as well as support for AMD’s FreeSync and Nvidia’s G-sync for UWP games.

Games and apps themselves will need to be updated to support the new features, Microsoft said in a blog post today. For its part, Microsoft’s Gears of War Ultimate Edition and Forza 6 Apex will add support for the new features “in the very near future.”

The new Windows 10 update is rolling out today, but if you can visit this page to download it right now.

As for other new gaming features coming to Windows 10, Microsoft said today that players can expect “some exciting developments on multiple GPUs in DirectX 12 in the near future, and a truly impressive array of DirectX 12 titles later this summer and fall.”

Check out this blog post to learn more about today’s announcement and to see a FAQ about the news.

At Microsoft’s Build conference in March, Xbox boss Phil Spencer specifically mentioned G-sync and Free-sync, as well as the ability to disable vsync, as features he wanted to add in the futue.

“We have heard the feedback from the PC gaming community loud and clear. And we are working to ensure Windows 10 has a great gaming experience,” Spencer said at the time.

Looking further out, Microsoft said the company will deliver additional features for the Xbox PC app, including overlays and modding support, two further community-requested items.

“[We are] committed to ensuring we meet or exceed the performance expectations of full-screen games as well as the additional features including support for overlays, modding, and more,” he explained.

The next major update for Windows 10 PC, as well as Xbox One, is the Anniversary update. It is scheduled to come out this summer for both platforms, introducing “key gaming features,” among other things. You can check out this post to learn more about it.