XCOM 2's Long War 2 Mod Is Out Now on PC

XCOM 2's Long War 2 Mod Is Out Now on PC

XCOM: Enemy Unknown‘s much-loved mod, Long War, is back for XCOM 2.

Long War 2 is out now on Steam Workshop, and it brings a raft of changes to the acclaimed strategy title.

The campaign now contains between 100 and 120 missions in an average run, for example. In addition, nine new soldier classes have been added, as well as two new weapon types, “dozens” of never-before-seen enemies, and smarter AI. Lastly, Long War 2 allows you to control more than one battle squad at once.

Long War 2 and its predecessor were developed by a team of modders-turned-developers called Pavonis Interactive. The group is also working on their first original IP, called Terra Invicta.

XCOM and its developer Firaxis have traditionally been very open to the modding community. Enemy Unknown and XCOM 2 designer Jake Solomon has promoted The Long War in the past, saying it “takes XCOM to a new level.”

Even without Long War, XCOM 2 is an incredibly enjoyable experience. We awarded it a 9/10, with critic Mike Mahardy calling it “a superb strategy title.” For more, check out our XCOM 2 review.