You've Got 48 Hours and One Attempt to Kill This Target in Hitman

You've Got 48 Hours and One Attempt to Kill This Target in Hitman

The first Elusive Target in Hitman is now live, and you have less than two days of real-world time to deal with him.

Maybe the most interesting component of Hitman’s “live content” so far, Elusive Targets present you with a person to assassinate in a limited window of time. Just as importantly, you only have a single attempt at doing so–you can’t save your progress in the mission, meaning if you die or fail to deal with the target, you lose.

For this first Elusive Target, you’ll be trying to take out an art forger by the name of Sergei Larin. He’s located in the game’s Paris level, and will only be sticking around until 9 AM PST on May 15. Once that time comes, he’ll be gone for good.

Elusive Targets are described by the game’s developer as “the closest thing to the Hitman fantasy that [it has] ever created.” Larin, like other future targets, is a character custom-created for this limited-time mission.

This task is intended to be a real challenge, as you won’t be able to use the usual trial-and-error techniques in finding ways to deal with Larin. Special rewards await those who complete multiple Elusive Targets; the first is Agent 47’s suit from Hitman: Absolution, which is awarded after five completions, and then the suit from Blood Money after 10.