Battlefield 1 Trailer Nearing 20 Million Views

Battlefield 1 Trailer Nearing 20 Million Views

The Battlefield 1 reveal trailer, posted on Friday afternoon, has now reached nearly 20 million views. At press time, it stands at 19.485 million views, becoming the most-watched video on the official Battlefield YouTube channel. It pushes the Battlefield 4: Fishing in Baku video (19 million) down to No. 2.

Battlefield 1’s reveal trailer also has a very positive like:dislike ratio on YouTube, with around 1 million likes and just 18,500 dislikes. The video has been praised not only by YouTube viewers, but also Infinity Ward, the developer of competing FPS game Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

By comparison, Infinite Warfare’s US announcement trailer has 14 million views on YouTube. Activision released numerous different language versions of the Infinite Warfare trailer. However, even with all of them combined, Battlefield 1’s total view count from its single video alone remains ahead.

View counts for announcement trailers aren’t necessarily indicators of future performance. The Call of Duty brand is unquestionably the leader in the FPS market, topping the charts on a regular basis. EA has said it hopes to eventually dethrone Call of Duty, but it remains to be seen if this is the year that happens.

Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1 are direct competitors in the FPS space. Battlefield 1 comes out first, launching on October 21, while Infinite Warfare is slated to debut on November 4.

Recently, Infinity Ward and some of its developers spoke out to praise Battlefield 1’s announcement trailer. “It’s a great reveal trailer. Kudos to the DICE team,” Infinity Ward said on Facebook.

Infinite Warfare’s announcement trailer was blasted by YouTube viewers, who disliked it en masse. Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg recently responded, saying Call of Duty isn’t going anywhere, YouTube dislikes or not.

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