Conan Tries VR, Makes the Jokes You'd Expect

Conan Tries VR, Makes the Jokes You'd Expect

After weighing in on Final Fantasy XV earlier this week, late night TV host and comedian Conan O’Brien has posted his newest technology-focused video. This one sees O’Brien traveling to YouTube’s VR labs in New York, where he tests out a number of VR apps–of course he makes jokes about him being Neo from The Matrix and how porn will be the No. 1 industry for VR. Check out the video below.

He also jokes, “This is going to put the marijuana industry out of business.”

O’Brien is using the HTC Vive and its controllers for the various demos he tries. Other high-profile VR options available now include PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift. Rift’s controllers, called Touch, did not launch alongside the headset in March; they will go on sale in December for $200.

O’Brien frequently posts videos about technology and gaming. As mentioned, this week he played Final Fantasy XV alongside actor Elijah Wood. His verdict? “This whole thing, it’s like an epic, blue balls waste of time,” he said as part of his newest Clueless Gamer segment–watch the full video here.