Even Arby's Is Excited About Pokemon Sun and Moon

Even Arby's Is Excited About Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon‘s release date and starter Pokemon were revealed today, and it looks like fast food restaurant Arby’s is pretty excited about the news.

The sandwich chain commemorated the announcement with condiment art that it posted to its Twitter account. The condiments in question look like the restaurant’s Arby’s and Horsey sauces, but this has not been confirmed. The sauce on the left could very well be ketchup, while the white sauce could be mayo. You can make the call yourself by looking at the picture below.

This isn’t the first time Arby’s has made video game art with its food. Last year, it posted a lackluster Legend of Zelda Triforce made of the company’s potato cakes.

However, Arby’s video game food art has been getting better. Back in February, it celebrated the release of Street Fighter V by creating a Shoryuken input command out of mozzarella sticks. A couple weeks later, it created the Mortal Kombat logo out of curly fries.

Other video game posts it’s made include a recreation of the Rocket League logo and a photo of a Fallout 4 vault dweller eating Arby’s.