Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon-Style Trials Game Appears on Ratings Board

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon-Style Trials Game Appears on Ratings Board

Ubisoft’s Trials series may receive a retro, 1980s action movie inspired spin-off in the same vein as Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, if a Taiwanese rating board listing is any indication.

As spotted by Gematsu and Twitter user Lifelower, the Taiwan Game Software Rating Regulation Board has rated “Trials of the Blood Dragon,” for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, indicating a crossover may be in the works. The entry originally featured a logo with Far Cry Blood Dragon’s multi-coloured design (above), but has since been replaced with a generic Trials image.

As of yet, neither Ubisoft nor Trials developer RedLynx have officially announced the game, so it is unclear whether this is a standalone title or an expansion for Trials Fusion akin to 2015’s Awesome Level Max Edition.

Awesome Level Max was released in July of last year and contained two parts: the Awesome Adventure, which had a rideable unicorn in it, and Red Lynx vs. All Stars, which showcases the best community-made maps.

In GameSpot’s review, the expansion earned a score of 7/10. Leif Johnson praised its fantastical landscapes and visual shift, but noted that the unicorn and cat were only available for eight trials.

“It’s worth it for the wide range of tracks alone, and its variety of visuals and difficulties makes it the single best DLC to download for brand-new players who’ve never played anything aside from the core game,” he said.

“Sure, the unicorn can be a pain to control sometimes, and the most unique part is over far too soon, but if you’re looking for a new infusion of Trials Fusion with a dose of the Internet’s favorite animal.”