Horror Movie Don't Breathe Has a Sequel in the Works

Horror Movie Don't Breathe Has a Sequel in the Works

This year’s critically acclaimed horror film Don’t Breathe already has a sequel in the works. While Don’t Breathe 2 has not been confirmed by production studio Ghost House Pictures, director Fede Alvarez revealed to ComingSoon.net that he’s working on the sequel.

The horror sequel was brought up by co-writer Rodo Sayagues (Evil Dead) while Alvarez talked about another one of his upcoming films, The Girl in the Spider’s Web, which also hasn’t been confirmed by its respective studio. “There’s also going to be more Don’t Breathe,” Sayagues said, to which Alvarez replied that they’ve “just started” but “know exactly where it goes.”

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“But we won’t tell you right now,” Alvarez continued. “But there will be more Don’t Breathe for sure.”

Don’t Breathe was made on a budget of $9.9 million and made $152.1 million worldwide, according to Box Office Mojo, so the fact that a sequel is in the works isn’t surprising. Don’t Breathe 2 would bring back Stephan Lang’s blind character, but nothing else is known. We’ll keep you updated as more is revealed.

In addition to Lang, Don’t Breathe stars Jane Levy (Evil Dead), Dylan Minnette (Goosebumps), and Daniel Zovatto (It Follows). Helmsman Alvarez’s previous work includes directing 2013’s Evil Dead and an episode of From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series.