Killer Instinct: Check Out New Character Gargos in Teaser Images

Killer Instinct: Check Out New Character Gargos in Teaser Images

Gargos is Killer Instinct‘s new character for May, and the game’s Twitter account has shared a few images of the gargoyle-like baddie. They’re blurry, which is strange considering they’ve already revealed what he looks like in the season three launch trailer.

The images are captioned “Kneel to your God” and “His corruption is looming… Soon Gargos will return,” which is appropriate since players will see the antagonist in the game later this month. We’ve included a non-blurry image of Gargos, but you can check out the teaser images in the gallery right below it.

Additionally, Microsoft creative director Adam Isgreen tweeted a cropped picture of what looks to be Gargos holding Earth in the palm of his hand. The Killer Instinct account quoted the tweet and added “This certainly looks like a heroic pose.” We’ve included that image in the gallery above. No gameplay has been released, but GameSpot will keep you updated as more information and footage of the upcoming character becomes available.

The latest character to be released for the Xbox One and PC fighting game is Mira. She’s a vampire character who uses sliding, teleporting, and neck-biting attacks, and she happens to be the sister of Maya, another Killer Instinct character. She also shoots bats, which is a cool thing to do if you’re a vampire. You can check out Mira’s gameplay trailer right here.

There are two more characters scheduled to release after Gargos. If leaks are to believed, one of them could very well be Gears of War villain General Raam. He wouldn’t be the first guest character to appear in the new Killer Instinct, as both Rash from Battletoads and The Arbiter from Halo are both featured in its roster.