New Path of Exile Update Brings Fast-Paced Interdimensional Combat

New Path of Exile Update Brings Fast-Paced Interdimensional Combat

Grinding Gear Games has announced the latest update for its free-to-play dungeon crawler Path of Exile. It comes with a multitude of content, including a new challenge league, bosses, item enhancements, and cosmetic items.

Titled Breach League, the update’s major addition is its titular challenge league, which throws you into dungeons filled with tears in reality called Breaches. When you interact with one, it rips open and slowly expands like a bubble. As the Breach grows larger, it reveals an alternate reality packed with monsters to fight, chests to collect, and powerful bosses to defeat called Breachlords.

A Breach only expands the more kills you wrack up, so you need to be quick and efficient if you want to get the most out of the 30 to 60 seconds it stays open. However, this may prove a challenge, as the longer you keep one open, the more powerful monsters you’ll encounter. But in the process, you’ll also gain access to chests with unique items that offer new ways to build your character.

There are five different types of Breaches to encounter: fire, ice, lightning, physical, and chaos–and each has its own monsters, bosses, and items that can be found. In addition, each type has a corresponding Breachlord that resides in its own distinctive domain.

For a closer look at Breaches in action, check out the footage below.

As you complete Breaches, you’ll obtain Splinters, which are special items associated with the Breach type they’re dropped from. When you collect 100 of these, they’ll convert into a Breachstone. This nets you a chance to travel to the domain of that type’s Breachlord.

Running a Breachlord’s domain successfully eventually pits you in a fight against them. If you’re victorious, you’ll earn a Blessing that can upgrade one of the unique items associated with that Breach type. While these upgrades provide significant bonuses, they also implement traits that shift the way you think about your character build. For instance, the upgraded Titan Greaves give you an additional 50 percent chance of bleeding when hit. This risk/reward aspect to equipment upgrades provides refreshing new ways to enhance your character.

For an exclusive look at a fight against Uul-Netol, the physical type Breachlord, watch the video below.

The update also includes a total of 40 new challenges for both the standard and hardcore versions of the Breach challenge league. Completing these earns you items that are normally only obtainable via microtransactions.

Aside from the Breach challenge league, the update also brings minor improvements and additions, such as visual updates, unique main-game items, and more.

Lastly, cloaks–a cosmetic item that has been eagerly requested by fans–have been finally added into the game. They can be obtained in the two new Supporter Packs for Breach and are currently available now. You can find a couple screenshots of cloaks, as well as those of Breach fights and Breachlords in the image gallery below.

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From the tense, fast-paced challenge provided by Breaches to the player build-altering items, each of the new additions coming in Path of Exile’s latest update are looking to engage both longtime players and newcomers in meaningful ways. You can get your hands on the update when it goes live at 12 PM PST on Friday, December 2.