New XCOM 2 Mods From Acclaimed Modder Will Add New Weapons, Enemies, and Options

New XCOM 2 Mods From Acclaimed Modder Will Add New Weapons, Enemies, and Options

XCOM 2 launched this past February alongside three mods from Long War Studios, the developer behind popular XCOM: Enemy Unknown mod Long War. Now, the studio is working on five more mods for the turn-based strategy sequel, and players can expect things like new enemies, weapons, and a soldier class construction kit in the coming months. However, you won’t have to wait for new options, as the developer’s Toolbox mod is available today.

The Toolbox mod adds the ability to configure camera rotation among other things, 2K announced today. With the mod, you’ll be able to edit damage values, adjust the UI, and turn on Red Fog, which is a modifier that can affect a soldier’s stats when injured. Additionally, the Toolbox allows you to generate randomized stats for new and leveled-up soldiers.

Two more mods coming are the Perk Pack mod, which is a soldier class construction kit, and the Laser Pack, which is a new weapon tier. The fourth mod is the Alien Pack, which adds 10 new extraterrestrial enemies to the game. The fifth and final mod has not been announced, but 2K says it will release more information soon. The official release dates for the four mods have not been confirmed–all we know now is that they’ll be available for free over the coming months.

XCOM 2 has seen some interesting mods since its launch. One modder added a puppy gun, which is a dog that shoots bullets, while another brought the voice of painter Bob Ross. There’s even a mod that adds iconic Star Wars helmets to the alien invasion game.

You can see even more weird mods in our video, “7 Weird XCOM 2 Mods That Will Greatly Improve Your Game (Maybe).”

XCOM 2 received a score of 9 in GameSpot’s review, in which critic Mike Mahardy said, “It’s mathematical, emotional, and thoughtful all at once. It’s exhilarating, even in the face of failure. It’s compelling, even though we often lose. Victory is the goal, but that’s just an afterthought here–it’s the complex journey that counts.”