Overwatch's Lucio Joins The Roster In Heroes Of The Storm's Latest Update

Overwatch's Lucio Joins The Roster In Heroes Of The Storm's Latest Update

The latest patch to Heroes of the Storm has made it onto the Public Test Realm, and includes a bunch of new content for fans of Blizzard’s accessible MOBA.

The biggest news from the patch is the addition of a new hero: the bass-thumpin’ Overwatch support character, Lucio. His abilities include a trait called Wall Ride, allowing him to move through other units while increasing his speed by 20%, whenever he’s moving alongside impassible terrain and structures.

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That’s not the only similarity to Lucio’s Overwatch powers. Soundwave, Crossfade and Amp It Up all perform much as they do in the first person shooter. Respectively, by damaging and knocking back heroes in a cone-shaped forward area attack, toggling between speed and healing boosts for nearby allies, and increasing the effectiveness of his currently active Crossfade track for three seconds.

Lucio also brings his ultimate Sound Barrier over to Heroes of the Storm as a Heroic Ability, which gives nearby allies a powerful shield that degrades over a span of six seconds. The only addition to his powers is Reverse Amp, which operates much like Amp It Up, except instead of boosting nearby allies speed or health recovery, it does the opposite to nearby enemies, slowing or damaging them over four seconds.

The patch also adds a new quest, asking players to complete 15 matches with a friend while playing as a Warcraft hero between now and March 14. On completion, players will receive Primal Flamesaber mount in World of Warcraft, as well as a 10 day stimpack, and a Flames of Judgement Charger mount for Heroes of the Storm.

There’s a whole bunch more content included in the update including new hero, ability, and talent art, and shop bundles. Check the full patch notes out for yourself over at battle.net.

In other Heroes of the Storm news, World of Warcraft Tokens can now be spent in the game, the Heroes of the Dorm tournament has moved from ESPN to Facebook, and Zarya is another Overwatch character joining Heroes of the Storm.