See Rainbow Six Siege Update's New Map and Operators in Action

See Rainbow Six Siege Update's New Map and Operators in Action

More details have been shared regarding this week’s Rainbow Six Siege update, which introduces the next DLC map and operators.

As previously announced, the main components of the Operation Dust Line DLC are a free new map (Border) and two US Navy SEAL operators. Valkyrie is able to deploy sticky cameras that her and her teammates can access, while Blackbeard has a rifle-mounted shield that lets him push into areas more safely. You can see them both in action on the new map–which is described as “the most destructible and open map to date”–in the newly released trailer.

The map is free for everyone starting on May 11, which is the day season pass owners gain instant access to both characters. Those who haven’t purchased the season pass have to wait until May 18 to unlock them, which can be done using Renown (the currency earned by playing the game) or R6 Credits (which cost real-world money).

Also new in Dust Line are more customization options in the form of headgear and charms. At least some of these can be seen in the images below.

Alongside all of this, other changes are being made as part of the update. Players will now be able to customize their loadouts between rounds, and at the end of a match, the winning team’s characters will be shown to everybody, followed by an MVP being named.

Additionally, several characters are being tweaked. Ubisoft hasn’t explained all of these adjustments, but it did note that Montagne’s shield gains protections on its sides and Tachanka’s machine gun is “easier to place and use.” IQ’s gadget, which highlights nearby enemy electronics and explosives, now features “enhanced visual feedback.”

Finally, players will be able to toggle an option that lets them cancel gadget placement. Along with simply being convenient, Ubisoft notes this “will also allow for another layer of gameplay and tactics (by playing mind games with their enemies).”