Funko's Daredevil And Jessica Jones TV Show Figures Revealed

Funko has released images for more upcoming Pop figures. There has been some figures for the Netflix Daredevil series released before. More based on Season 2 are due in February. A couple figures based on the Jessica Jones series should be in stores now.

Power Rangers: What's Different Between The Movie And TV Show?

With the recent release of a new Power Rangers trailer, fans finally got a bit more insight into the upcoming film. The original television series, distributed by Saban Entertainment and broadcast by Fox, first appeared in 1993 and ran until 2001. With a rebooted Power Rangers movie coming to theaters on March 24, we thought we’d take a look at the differences between the upcoming movie and ...[Read More]

Gaming Headset Review Roundup: Which One Is Right For You?

There’s an abundance of gaming headsets on the market, and it can be daunting to find one that’s high quality and fits your preferences. It’s also difficult to test everything that’s out there. Fortunately, we gathered a handful of the latest wired and wireless headsets and did a lot of the work for you. We tested the sound quality through a variety of methods. We used Naturespace to g...[Read More]

WWE Royal Rumble: 15 Surprise Entrants We Want to See

Every year, the Royal Rumble has 30 superstars face off against each other. There’s always a few surprise entrants that shock the fans, like when Triple H came out for the 2016 event and won the whole thing. That got us thinking: What surprise entrants would we like to see in this year’s Rumble? We went through a list of superstars of the past and present and picked out 15 stars weR...[Read More]

Our Biggest Unanswered Questions About Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s big press conference livestream on Switch revealed an abundance of new details that answered many of the questions we had about the upcoming console/handheld hybrid. While the press conference gave us clarity on what to expect, there remain more questions that have yet to be answered. Below we discuss the biggest unanswered questions still percolating in our minds about Switch. Th...[Read More]

Logan Trailer 2: Breakdown and Analysis

The newest trailer for Logan is here, and it gave us a bit more insight into what this film is about. We broke down the first trailer for the film, examining every scene. Now, we’re taking a closer look at this newest trailer to see what new information we can learn about the Logan, Charles Xavier, and Laura in the second trailer for the film, which launches March 3.

Nvidia Shield TV (2017) Pics, Specs, and Features

Nvidia released its original Shield TV console back in 2015, but the company has refreshed the design. The new version still uses the same processor, which is an Nvidia Tegra X1 system-on-a-chip (SOC) coupled with 3GB of RAM. This makes it roughly as powerful as the last crop of consoles (Xbox 360, PS3). The most notable changes this time include a smaller design and updated peripherals. Click thr...[Read More]

7 Crazy Comic Book Crossovers

Comic book crossovers have been happening for decades. When characters live in a shared comic universe, it’s no surprise to see Batman and Superman team up or Hulk and the Thing trading blows. Sometimes publishers are able to arrange match-ups between characters from different companies. That’s when things get nuts. Here’s seven of our favorite crazy crossovers.

The Biggest Hidden Gems of 2017

From the more well-known Outlast II and Yooka-Laylee to the more obscure Night in the Woods and Manifold Garden, this year is packed with exciting new indie games. With so many hidden gems to keep track of, we’ve decided to compile our favorites here. Click ahead to see what’s in store for this year. You can also check out our other features showing off this year’s biggest games ...[Read More]

The 20 best WWE wrestlers, ranked

It’s not easy ranking wrestlers. From the People’s Champion to the Austin 3:16 to the Deadman, these are the greatest WWE wrestlers ever, ranked by popularity, championships and impact. Already a wrestling star before joining the WWE, Jericho became a top-of-the-card performer once he joined the company in 1999. The charismatic superstar holds the record for most Intercontinental Champ...[Read More]

Nintendo Switch Presentation Gallery

During today’s livestreamed Nintendo Switch Presentation, huge Nintendo Switch details were dropped including the release date, launch titles, and more. Here’s a stack of photos that were released alongside by Nintendo. The Switch in TV mode, with gray Joy-Cons. The Nintendo Switch box art, showing off the new blue and red Joy-Cons. Box art for the gray Joy-Con edition of the Switch. T...[Read More]

All the Nintendo Switch Games Confirmed

Switch Roster Nintendo’s big livestream event revealed an assortment of games expected to release on the consoles. With so many to keep track of, we’ve compiled them all here. Click ahead to check out all of Nintendo Switch’s games that were revealed. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe 1, 2 Switch Arms Splatoon 2 Super Mario Odyssey The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild New Fifa Game The Elde...[Read More]

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